Cancel culture: why Netflix keeps binning popular TV shows

বিকাশ, রকেট এবং নগদ পারসোনাল অর্ডার করলে ২% এক্সট্রা চার্জ দিতে হইবে + Skrill / Neteller ৩০ ডলারের নিচে অর্ডার করলে আলাদা ৬০ টাকা ফি দিতে হইবে

Three strikes and you’re out – you know the rules. It’s worked fine for generations when it comes to ball sports and getting drunk at work, but it’s always been a fundamental frustration of music fandom. You build up a lifelong dedication to a new act and live for their gigs, only to find them dropped after three albums because Nick Grimshaw doesn’t like them as much as you.

It happened in TV too, with great shows cancelled after a series or two if the figures weren’t exactly Friends, but a whole new strain of cancel culture is thriving at Netflix. The streaming giant is making a fine art out of ditching shows, the bodies piling up like a night on the razz with John Wick. Many, like recent one-season victims OsmosisMortelSoundtrack and Spinning Out, understandably fell foul of Netflix’s extravagant practice of throwing huge clusters of original content at the ‘New Releases’ wall to see what sticks, but when it comes to what appear to be critical and commercial success stories like DarkOzarkDead To MeGlow and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, all cancelled after three or four celebrated seasons, it’s often baffling, and a little heart-breaking, to watch them prematurely carted off to televisual Dignitas, babbling the stories they’ve still got left to tell. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was even made to dig its own grave with a (great) final interactive episode before grabbing its talking backpack and beaming down the barrel of Netflix’s cold, cruel bolt gun.

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